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    Is Viagra Legal Without A Prescription? - Pattaya Forum - Thailand ... Is Viagra Legal Without A Prescription? - Pattaya Forum - Thailand ...
    I know you can buy Viagra over the counter at pharmacies, but is it legal without a prescription, should the police find it on you?

    Viagra Airport Law Buy

    You judge people of following the dictates of a fundamentalist religion and you point fingers on people who judge gays? Think over it. However, they are listed in the 2009 travellers guide. Thanks people are right when they write that the law will do pretty much what they decide in dubai.

    They are listed in the 2009 travellers guide and include many of our readers are concerned about medications they can bring into dubai. As such i cannot guarantee that there would not be near microscopic traces in the pockets of my clothes even after several washes and attempts to clean. I spent the scariest time of my life in dubai customs when my fiancee was taken into a tiny cupboard sized room with two burly men strip searching him without any cameras in the room and then threatening him with life sentence even though he had absolutely nothing on him.

    The whole process lasted about 30 minutes maximum. Medications are allowed if they are have a doctors prescription letter and explanation about what they are for. I dont bring x rated magazines or toys into the country or even artistic or cultural books with explicit images as ive lived here a long time and know better.

    I totally agree to jimsiam, just go to a small clinic in pattaya, get your prescription - written with the exact dose - and you are free of hazzle israeli gunfire wounds at least 28 palestinians as gaza border protests build poll half of all foreigners are contemplating or have had a sexual experience with a lady boy we have detected that you are running some sort of adblock in your computer. Im stopping in amsterdam on my way to dubai and im actually worried about going into town because i could easily pick up a trace of marijuana from the street onto my shoe! People need not forget that carrying a small amount of marijuana in america, for example, does not just get you a warning. Could i just confirm if it will be possible to bring my contraceptive pill to dubai, i dont have a prescription for it? Also is it possible to bring progesterone hormone tablets which can be used to delay periods? Againi dont have a prescription for these yes.

    If so, i dont believe this is restricted or controlled so you dont need a prescription. These tablets could be as genuine as the rolex you bought from the guy on the motor cycle. I would like to ask if anyone knows if i could have my electronic cigarette in check-in baggage? Anyway, i would just be transiting the country.

    Im moving there in january to work for emirates. Whether or not the us is more lenient with its drug policies shouldnt matter! Its still illegal so should not be in your system in the first place. If they are prescribed medications, take the doctors note with you. However, once it is in dubai, the laws are a little strange. A guy was arrested when customs officials found a poppy seed from a bread roll at a dubai airport so ive heard.

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    The laws regarding drugs and medicines are very strict. Tourists failing ... I will be transiting through Dubai airport back to Australia. Whilst away I ..... I buy these in India as Viagra is too expensive and difficult to get prescribed here. I don't have ...

    Viagra Airport Law Buy

    Thailand Drug Laws – Know The Facts Before Your Visit
    While it maybe true that in some cases people buy their way out of sticky ...... Can i travel with 8nos of 100ml gm viagra or kamagra to bangkok airport ,?10 days ...
    Viagra Airport Law Buy I have never had much hassle except with hire cars. These people from the airport are probably ten times richer than you and your whole family. Any government or law enforcement system that would prosecute a traveller for simply having something in the blood stream that could be legal in a country they had just passed through is obviously trying to force their ridiculous religious beliefs on the rest of the world. As noted above, information on official websites is frequently out of date. My advice is to boycott the place, its airline and all its businesses, and to tell all your business associates and friends to do likewise. Is there any problem taking them through customs i am going to dubai and i am planning to take with me a laser light which has a stars effect when you switch it on together with my laptop.
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    The stories we do hear are usually people (not pharmacies) selling it illegally (and often selling cheap knock-offs bought outside the country). The other escape route is to befriend a rich arab. If you want to show some love in public, definitely dont come here, because that heinous crime warrants a stoning. If i were travelling here with medications, i would contact the uae consulate in your country asking what documentation you need to bring in specific medications. This is a late comment but i hope it helps anyone planning to travel your alcohol being confiscated is an australian customs law not uae actually it is true.

    What you do in the jurisdiction of another country where marijuana is legal is your own business. Whatever you do, do not eat any rolls or bread with poppy seeds or you will go to prison for 4 years. They are very strict when it comes to prostitution and drugs, but to be fair, you shouldnt have drugs with you at all. May as well hold up a big sign saying, hey cop, check me out. I wish the police were as harsh here, maybe our crime rate would be less! Did anyone notice that that prohibited list contains common medications like birth control pills (used to treat ovarian cysts and endometriosis), and medications that treat mental illnesses like schizophrenia (risperdal), anxiety (xanax), depression (prozac), headaches (amitryptyline), bipolar disorder (camcolite)? Guess any poor soul unfortunate to suffer from any of those conditions isnt welcome in dubai.

    You will need to bring the prescription and it will need to be in its original packaging. As he appeared to be nervous with such question they then decided to full strip search him. The cops should be out there to catch real criminals and this applies worldwide. However, you have to be careful of the dosage. We have just had our medications permitted as we had our signed doctors letter and a seal from the trade department with the australian government and then sent it on to the uae embassy for them to stamp them. Theyre not pornographic or anything but they have been downloaded illegally i think. Ive been and had a nice time but will not return. Last year i was visiting my family in dxb for xmas and was stopped in the airport and searched. These tablets could be as genuine as the rolex you bought from the guy on the motor cycle. If they find any slightest trace you are going to prison for 4 years.

    Answer 1 of 15: I use generic viagra which i order online for personal use as it is much cheaper than buying from the Doctor. ... Will this be an isue in terms of entering through customs at the airport? ..... Visit Isaan; FAQ GREAT READS about Thailand; FAQ IMPORTANT LAWS IN THAILAND; FAQ Information on ISLANDS OF ...

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    you have little to worry about. but if you act worried then you are setting ... Mind you, remember that drug dogs are pretty rare at airports. I'm told ...
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